Insights & Analytics

To run a successful sales organization, you cannot rely on “gut-feel” – you need data, and you need to keep momentum in the sales cycle.

Knowing whether a prospect has opened and viewed a proposal allows you to immediately take appropriate actions to keep the momentum of a sales opportunity going or disqualify an opportunity quickly and focus on the next opportunity. 

Monitor and measure the success of your sales operations

Envivo provides you with actionable insights and real-time notifications, giving you visibility into your sales processes which you never had before. This way your sales team is focused on the right opportunities with the right amount of effort at exactly the right time, increasing their capacity to work the funnel, and increasing the rate of business won. 


  • Increase visibility across your sales operations, getting real-time insights as to what sales materials are going out to prospects and how they are being consumed. 
  • Enable more timely and targeted follow-up activities for your sales staff. No more guessing or letting active opportunities lose momentum. Qualify in and out faster. 
  • Feedback loop directly to marketing as to which content resonates best with prospects and customers, what marketing materials are actually being used. 
  • Real-time view of which proposals/offers/pitches have been sent, viewed, or not yet opened and all communications sent by the prospects.
  • One-click-drill down on offers to see details of what the prospected opened, looked at, downloaded, at what time, and how. 
  • Permission-based roles, allowing for example sales managers to see entire sales teams, and individual contributors to see their own pipeline. 

Let accelerate your deals.

Our customers get 30% more engagement when using these features.

Create scheduled activities like automatic reminders, and fast track your deals by pushing text or video reminders via email or SMS.

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