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  • +35% Closing Rate
  • +56% Higher satisfaction
  • +75% Reduced administration

The concierge has always been the epitome of a hotel's qualities. They do everything in their power to maintain an in-depth relationship with your hotel guests. This stems from the accumulated knowledge of the interests, background and preferences. The concierge knows exactly what inspires your guests and makes their stay so perfect. This creates a familiar and strong bond with your hotel, which results in happy guests that come back.

Especially in the banquet and convention area, hotels and congress centers encounter clients who have never been to your hotel before. The exchange between the sales team and the client takes place digitally. Large projects such as planning a conference in a hotel are characterized by dozens of documents sent in countless e-mails. At one point, one of these e-mails might disappear in the cloud or the attachments exceed the allowed limit on your client’s server, and everything needs to be resent or uploaded to a document hosting service. And this is not the seamless and personal experience you want to provide.

How does your sales team bring the qualities of a concierge into an e-mail?

The expectations of customers have changed massively. Every online shop today offers a fast, yet personal business relationship. You can reach your goal with just a few clicks and at the same time receive tailored recommendations.

If you compare the fact that more than 90% of all hotels and congress centers still send much more complex offers over documents in emails than they did 20 years ago, it becomes clear:

Digitalization has the greatest potential to set your business apart from the competition today.

Digitalization for companies is often associated with tedious change. With a look at your own smartphone and its impact on your life, one thing is certain:
Digitalization means doing more, but faster and easier. You can find out what this might mean for your banquet sales team in the following pages.

With envivo you send your offer on an individual microsite with a personal address. All information, from banquet folder, plans, photos to videos, can be found here in one place. In a confident design with the face of your brand.

In this way, your offer is transformed from an email attachment to an experience and personal dialogue. Your clients will experience the simplicity, clarity and personal relationship that they appreciate in direct human contact.
And this can be clearly seen in an up to 35% higher closing rate of offers that are sent with envivo.

With envivo we increased the closing rate by 35% by presenting our branded within the individuell sales room for our clients.

envivo is looking for growth for you

envivo makes many things better for your sales team. The personal message and documents are simply entered into the backend of the envivo platform. The design is created automatically. In this way, many offers, that resemble the appearance of an elaborately designed brochure, can be created. It takes just a few moments.
The exchange of documents takes place consistently until the completion. This makes it easy to manage complex projects, including an internal communication.

Current and completed projects can be simply reopened with one click. The history of all clients can be quickly filtered with notes or tags, so that even years later, you immediately know what the customer wanted at the last event.
A so-called "gamification" can also be used to assign an expiry date to an offer in order to increase the liability upon completion.
Like the concierge, envivo enables you to inspire your clients for further offers or services. These can be easily integrated, for example to include up-selling and cross-selling from external suppliers in your offers.

Click for click envivo automatically collects information that is as essential as the magical, omniscient book of a concierge when interacting with your customers. And that plays a crucial role in digital interactions.
Which offers are active or which ones are successful can be seen in the statistics section of the envivo platform.
For example, your sales team will be notified in real time as soon as an offer has been viewed and can follow up at the right time with the right follow up questions.

At the same time, you have a detailed overview of all sales activities and developments. The right compass for your hotel’s course of success.
Internet access and a one-hour training session are enough to get started with envivo.

envivo likes security. That is why the solution is GDPR compliant and all data is in a German server park. We have also been a long-term partner of the Hotel Directors Association Germany E.V. (HDV).

Let accelerate your deals.

Our customers get 30% more engagement when using these features.

Create scheduled activities like automatic reminders, and fast track your deals by pushing text or video reminders via email or SMS.

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