Make your sales process a comfortable user journey.

Build more trust. Convert more sales.

Build a relationship with your prospects at the first point of contact. Videos, chats or any type of content via hyper-personalized and branded microsites.

content creation.

More fun, less work and no code.

Impress your prospect from the first touchpoint. Boost your content with your personality and be remembered and attach your latest case study to build trust. Save everything as a professional template and leverage it across the team.

  • Captivate your customers with engaging presentations

    Enable potential clients to get reeled in by distributing engaging presentations combined with testimonial videos. All in a central location where your customers can meet and interact with you through lively chat to proceed towards the transaction.

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  • Chat to engage

    Integrated chat features allow real-time interaction and add a personal touch to your communication. Be available yourself or integrate automated chatbots outside your service hours. In either case, both are approaches toward customer engagement.

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  • Deep insights and analytics

    Easily discover how prospective clients interact with your contents, identify new stakeholders and shorten the sales cycle by taking action without delay. becomes your sixth sense for dealmaking.

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  • Recognize how likely you are to complete a sale's AI-driven Customer Engagement Score helps you predict the probability of a deal's success and will even suggest perfectly timed follow-ups and chats to move profitable deals forward in the sales cycle.

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  • Content library

    Save all your content in using the global media library – videos, case studies, presentations, guides, or infographics. Make it simple for your team to manage and enhance their assets.

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  • Real-time notifications

    Get in touch with your customers at the right time. Get an alert on your smartphone when your client has opened a document, viewed a video, or sent a message. can always notify you of any activities.

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Use Cases
By simplifying the purchase process, not only has the customer satisfaction of EK Immobilien customers increased in terms of the buying experience – the positive purchasing decisions were also made much faster.
  • +100% Secure and GDPR Conform
  • +83% Less Administration
  • +76% Higher Satisfaction
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Vodafone has used envivo for its B2B application business in its shops in the south of Germany. envivo simplifies this process for Vodafone Business Customers through a digital portal where personalized proposals improve the customer’s buying experience through the simplification of exchanging information.
  • +46% Shorter Sales Cycle
  • +37% Higher Close Rate
  • +76% Higher Customer Satisfaction
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What documentation still needs to be provided, what payout options and customizations are possible.​ With document previewing and easy to understand layouts, envivo enables a new level of quality in the digitalization of processes.
  • +52% Reduced administration
  • +57% Processing time
  • +73% Higher satisfaction
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  • Obtain more accurate sales data with in-depth sales insights.'s detailed tracking and analysis will allow you to gain insight into how recipients interact with your selling material. We also offer you detailed notifications whenever your potential customer opens, views, comments upon, forwards, or even signs your sending material.

  • Tailor your B2B communication capabilities by incorporating unique engagement features.

    Help your customers understand your value proposition. Personalization of offers, messages, or videos in your sales collateral also helps you build a relationship with your prospects. Available on the Customer Engagement Platform, your entire sales process can be easily personalized, from the first shared asset to the last signed contract.

  • Recognize how likely you are to complete a sale.'s AI-driven Customer Engagement Score helps you predict the probability of a deal's success and will even suggest perfectly timed follow-ups and chats to move profitable deals forward in the sales cycle.

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