Sales Engagement

Sales Engagement

How it works and how it can help you optimize your sales process

By marketing editor

Sales Engagement is more than a modern buzzword. It can be all encompassing and describe the whole sales process. We described what it means and how it works briefly for you to gain an understanding of the matter.   

"Sales engagement refers to the interactions between salespeople and their customers or leads."

What is Sales Engagement and how can it help me? 

Sales Engagement is becoming more and more important these days, but what does it actually mean? Relationships are the most important thing in sales and can make the difference between a deal or no deal. Sales engagement refers to the interactions between salespeople and their customers or leads. It is important as a salesperson to interact and build a relationship with the potential buyer at every point of the so-called "customer journey", i.e. the customer's path to the product.  

How does sales engagement work? 

As described, sales engagement refers to the relationship between the buyer and seller or the sales team in your company. It is designed to support lead generation (especially lead generation in B2B) and simplify relationship building for the seller through process optimization and automation in sales. 

Digitalization in sales optimizes sales processes, but also the collaboration between the marketing and sales departments. The marketing and sales processes are coordinated with sales engagement tools like project management tools, communication tools and collaboration tools and thus optimize interfaces in the collaboration. This makes task management, lead qualification and an increase in sales performance easier and faster.  

How does support sales engagement? 

With our sales engagement platform, we succeed in linking existing structures such as a content management system (CMS) and customer relationship management system (CRM) and simplify and improve a hyper-personalized communication. The platform allows for collaboration within the sales team and makes it easy to upload the most recent sales materials. Furthermore, sales representatives can see what materials resonated best with their leads and customers with the advanced insight functionalities of  




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