Introducing the all new envivo Comms Hub

Since we launched the beta interface for envivo you could see it to be coming soon – and now it has arrived: the envivo Comms Hub!

Find out what the envivo Comms Hub has to offer. To make it quick: going forward you will find all communications related to all your projects in one place – the Comms Hub. And it´s not just all communications that can be filtered granularly, you always have direct access to the related project details without any detour.

Watch the video and go to your envivo backend to check it out!

How to access public beta

If you are an envivo user and want to test the new interface right now, just log in to your account and switch your backend to the beta version by clicking on "try the new envivo beta app" underneath the menu.

You can revert back to the classic interface at any time.

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