Voces de los clientes

Conozca cómo nuestros clientes dieron vida a sus ventas digitales con envivo. Lea algunas de sus historias de golpe.

«Finally, being able to make our offers a real experience with envivo has increased our convention sales by 20%.»

Frank Heller
Executive Director ROCCO FORTE Germany

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«Before envivo our sales team had to fill out a questionnaire for spot production by hand, scan it and send it to the production company. Now that is all automated.»

Markus Schülein
General Manager Radio NRJ (N) & CTO NRJ Germany

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«We managed to shorten our sales process significantly because we digitalised the onboarding with envivo. Now the customer can directly upload his documents and close the deal. «

Reinhard Ahlborn
Head of Corporate Sales (BMW Schweiz AG)

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