The Results

Engagement and communication when delivering and closing documents

We believe in the power of relationships and want to bring personal and engaging interactions back to the online sales process.

As the world’s gotten more digitized, modern business has moved online. While the world thought that digitalization would only speed up and ease the sales process, it has in fact also created an engagement gap between reps and buyers, making it harder and longer to close deals.

Not only has the length of the B2B buying process increased for the majority of businesses, but a staggering number of their deals end up in the “valley of death”. This is where 60 percent of all offers/quotes are lost due to indecision or by simply going unanswered.

We are here to change that, by bringing personal and engaging interactions back to the online sales process. Our mission is to build the go-to-platform where B2B sellers can interact with their buyers in a personal and engaging way, making business easier and faster.

Our customer promise

Security first: Legally binding Electronic Signatures

Close deals faster: Keep up the speed of your deals

Data supported insights: Real-time insights to help you increase sales

Get personal: Stand out from the crowd


What are we? A SaaS that fits conveniently into your current processes. No more month-long implementations. Quick, intuitive, and effective.

Why are we different? We focus on creating higher engagement when delivering and closing important documentation.

How do we do this? Through our features, such as automated follow-ups, video introductions, document tracking, push notifications, and eSigning.

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