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from lead to deal
envivo turns your offer into an experience for your customer that wins more deals faster, easier and measurably
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Minimal effort for maximum results
With envivo you create a strong bond to your customer
Close to the customer
Digital sales that feels personal
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Create masterful offers quickly and easily
Designed for growth
Automatic, digital, scalable. envivo can do a lot and therefore brings a measurably a lot of results
Ready, set - done!
If you are online and can use a smartphone, you are all set for envivo
Get your customers into your orbit
envivo is a personal dialogue with your customer, even if they are sitting on their smartphone in the Maldives. Via all channels that they use daily. From automated templates, you can create a dozen convincing offers that are proven to be more successful - and made as quickly as your morning espresso.
The launch pad for your sales
envivo brings everything together for you. Instead of countless emails, phone calls and documents in endless expanses of communication, the entire sales cycle finally takes place in one place. With all documents from proposal to closing with digital contract signing. Safe and GDPR compliant. This creates round-up and commitment for you and your customers.
Knowledge makes your sales powerful
Google knows you are reading this right now. envivo knows what your customer is doing with your offer. Detailed analytics along the entire sales cycle means for you: Magically make your offer more successful and follow it up at the right time. envivo is built for your growth.
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All you need to get your online digital sales to the next level
month per user
Min. 5 users
Create up to 3 own templates
Integrated messenger
Customer uploads
Content library
Item library
User administration
Quote expiration countdown
Reporting & analysis
Our solution for larger corporations with individual needs and features
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Unlimited users
Customized, unlimited templates
Unlimited projects
Integrated messenger
Customer uploads
Content library
Item library
User Administration
Quote expiration countdown
Reporting & analysis
Payment collection
Custom features
Integrations (CRM, ERP, …)
Own Domain / Hosting
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